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 : Mexican Gray Endangered
Mexican Gray Endangered
Update from Endangered Earth/Center for Biological Diversity, the Mexican Gray Wolf has won a victory! However governments of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado are being pressured by anti-wolf groups, ranches, trophy hunters to stop the recovery efforts on this rare species of Wolf. Those of us who dedicate our lives whether we inform others on impending legislation, rescue efforts, or work tirelessly out in the field investigating, rescuing, signing petitions, we are "ANGELS OF KINDNESS" along with all the organizations who file suits against government services. They initiate petitions, relentlessly continue to SAVE AND PROTECT Endangered Species and all species for future generations. "WE ARE THEIR VOICE" Please lets inform others on the impending peril of all Endangered Species that are depending on everyone to "CARE" "EXTINCT IS FOREVER

America's rarest mammals: After pressure from the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday it will release about 10 Mexican gray wolves into the wilds of southwestern New Mexico -- a move scientists say is crucial to reduce dangerous inbreeding of the rare creatures.

Just days earlier, the Center and allies sent a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, signed by 43 groups and scientists, asking her to release at least five packs of endangered Mexican gray wolves into New Mexico's 3.3-million-acre Gila National Forest.

 In 1998, after a lawsuit by the Center of Biological Diversity, the Wildlife Service began reintroducing Mexican gray wolves from captive-breeding facilities into their historic U.S. Southwest range, where they had been obliterated by federal poisoning and trapping. But the Service only released wolves into a small part of Arizona's Apache National Forest, which quickly filled with wolf families.                                  

The Mexican Gray wolf is one of the rarest and most endangered animals on the continent—and with only an estimated 110 remaining in the wild at last count, they need help from every                                           WOLF supporter!!!  

No matter what the politicians are telling the federal government, studies show that to create a sustainable population, these precious wolves need more habitat and multiple, interconnected populations, totaling more than 700 wolves.Given their low numbers, genetic diversity should also come into consideration before the slaughtering of these wolves is authorized

Don’t let politics get in the way of a science-based recovery plan that would save these majestic wolves. Take action now.

Please sign and share for Center of Biological Diversity 
                           "WE ARE THEIR VOICE"



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