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News on our Mexican Gray Wolves: (endangered species)
Gray Wolves face complete wipe out in Idaho!! (listed species)

I am receiving updates daily regarding our wolves what is happening is totally unforgivable and without a heart.

 : Red Wolf
Red Wolf
 : Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf
 : Red Wolf/pups
Red Wolf/pups
 : Brown Bear
Brown Bear
 : Our Mexican Gray/lobo
Our Mexican Gray/lobo

Only 110 Mexican gray wolves roam the American wild, but for far-right Republican Steve Pearce, that's 110 too many. Congressman Pearce has proposed a bill to eliminate the federal recovery program for the lobo -- allowing them to be shot, trapped and poisoned across the Southwest. If he succeeds, it would undo decades of hard work to save these wolves from near extinction and restore them to their ancient home.  

He is totally inappropriate with his decisions and he is a State Representive. His proposal DEFINITELY HAS NO HUMANITY AND IS TOTALLY INHUMANE! 

To defeat attacks like these, your help is needed, sign petitions, share them and help the Predator Defense Fund which is crucial.

Pearce's bill is deceptively simple -- it attempts to override scientific findings by declaring that the Endangered Species Act will have no "force and effect" over the Southwest's wolves. The Tea Party strategy is to take apart the Act one animal at a time. If they can win on wolves, then sage grouse, prairie chickens, jaguars, panthers and spotted owls will be targeted with similar bills, and one of our bedrock environmental laws will be gutted.


Wolves have reduced disease from big heard animals like Elk, (they take the sick and very weak)

Wolves in the area keep large herds from overgrazing and keeps them on the moves. Which in turn has protected the environment and allowed native plants and wildlife to return.

Wolves are not the only wildlife species on Congress' list to destroy completely. Our Bears, grizzlies, polar, brown and other imperiled wildlife will face similar threats.

The only thing stopping these low, vicious political assaults on wolves and other species is the Center of Biological, Defenders of Wildlife and their team of lawyers, scientists and activists. Your help through the Predator Defense Fund keeps all of them going. 
Through our help in petitions, donations, Center of Biological Diversity has saved more than 500 species.  ,

                         "WE ARE THEIR VOICE"

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary, ordinary LIFE and,

Know that you have done your utmost everyday to be an "Angel of Kindness"

 : me
 : Olivia and Kona
Olivia and Kona
No life is more important than another,
and nothing we do is without purpose.

We can only measure our goodness on what we embrace and what we create.  

Believe that we are all part of the Angelic Dance of Life, that someday we will understand.

Dream your dreams they are your passions to fulfill your destiny.

Be a child in your heart, this is what will drive you during your lifetime.  

Be the Angel of Kindness we were all meant to be and wondrous gifts will abound us,in all we do!

And one day when we alone are capable, 
we will rise and forever embraced by the 
                                             Kindness we shared.  tia 

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