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 I have received the State Legislation Year End Report and it is also online for viewing. Here are just a few of our new laws passed in certain States and Counties with regards to our pets!  DOGS, CATS and HOOFED animals.
It is getting better, but we really need strong legislation and we need to be vigilant in signing petitions, so our voices can be heard.  No Kill Shelters should be allowed to address our legislators directly and be heard.  Let our Legislators see what goes on, videos, power point photos, before and after, and what a difference  Rescue Shelters makes with the help of our networking bodies that are in place and the support they receive from Veterinarians across the country. 
The emerging issue was how to balance the need to decrease the animal overpopulation that exists in some areas with ensuring that veterinary care provided in rescue shelters is of high quality and does not impinge on their private veterinary practice. Well Florida, Maine and Oklahoma decided somewhat stricter requirements on animal shelters with regards to medicine.The Legislation regulating shelters and limiting the scope of veterinary services was very controversial in Alabama and South Carolina
Continued Legislation regarding Veterinary care will be again brought up in 2018.
Many of our states continue to increase penalties and expand the definitions for a variety of animal abuse and cruelty offenses. Michigan has now included animal fighting in the definition of criminal "racketeering. HURRAH!!!!  
Nevada increased penalties for animal-fighting offenses and criminalized manufacturing or possessing certain implements e.g. razors, cutting instruments attached to the cocks legs that are intended to be used in cockfighting. 
New Jersey passed a law that will enhance penalties for harm to an animal that is used by law enforcement. HURRAH!!!! For that!!!
A few states have enacted legislation to create a statewide animal abuse database or registry as of yet, but bills were introduced this year in more than 11 states. This is the Good work of ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund.This law should be introduced in every state 
Connecticut enacted a law, believed to be the first of its kind and adopted by a state, to facilitate the development and implementation of a state-wide animal assisted therapy program, with collaboration with mental health care providers to incorporate animal assisted therapy into the therapy for children and youth. I think this is grand and every state should implement this law for animal assisted therapy.  Rescued dogs have been a choice,in some state where certain facilities have used them to establish new programs with children and adults.  I believe I wrote about one such state in past Newsletters.
Washington passed a law providing veterinarians with immunity from liability from the good-faith reporting of suspected animal cruelty incidents. I believe they should report every abuse case, as they do for children. I feel that reporting abuse would be common practice.
Connecticut, Nevada and Vermont passed various prohibitions on using a breed to make a determination of a vicious or dangerous dog. Well look at that!!!
 Many states. Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and West Virginia adopted bills or regulations to help fund spay-neuter programs.and are now looking to enact legislation.
There are a few states e.g. Georgia, Oklahoma, Vermont and West Virginia that have enacted regulations on Commercial Dog Breeders and dealers. I really do not think it is enough. They need to be banned or have very very strict monitoring. 
The Hurrahs still go out to our Rescue Guardians, our Amber Nelson, Amber's Animal Outreach and Wandering Pets, Mirta Maltes, (Chain of Love Abandon Animal Rescue)  Xtreme Rescue, 100+ Abandon Dogs of the Everglades, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Pit Crew Rescue, Donna Alabama BT Rescue, Animals are Better than Humans, UK, National Mill Dog Rescue, Shepard Rescue, Second Chance Rescue and so many many more these are our Angels of Kindness, that rescue every pet they can, vet them, rehab them, foster, then adopt.  We can all work together for the betterment of each and every animal.

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary,ordinary LIFE and,

                                         Know that you have done your best                                             to save and protect ...                                            

A Hui Ho from us, until we meet again!
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My Olivia
My Olivia

We cannot measure our goodness on what we don't do or what we resist.
We can only measure our goodness on what we embrace and what we create.          
 Follow your dreams they are your    passion
 Never lose you childhood enthusiasm it   is what drives  you
 Live spherically in many directions it is  what  excites you
 Be an Angel of Kindness and wondrous   gifts  will abound you. 


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