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Updates... ALDF. Animal Legal Defense Fund.. I am sharing their Newsletter for those who do not receive their updates on court cases, campaigns, new laws and their need of support because every animal needs a top notch attorney ! "They are the Voice for the Voiceless" throughout the nation. ALDF was founded in 1979 by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of animal law, They have made way for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals in every corner of American life. They have initiated the Animal Bill of Rights, and Abuse Registry for every abuser. Today, ALDF’s groundbreaking efforts to push the U.S. legal system to the limits and end the suffering of abused animals are supported by thousands of dedicated attorneys. ALDF files high-impact lawsuits to protect all animals, wolves, bison, marine life, factory farming and all companion animals that are in harms way and suffer all types of abuse. They provide free legal assistance and training to prosecutors to assure that animal abusers are punished to the full extent of the law. They have high impact cases now in the courts, so enjoy their newsletter and share... Mahalo

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary, ordinary LIFE and,

Know that you have done your utmost everyday to "Protect and SAVE"


With so much going on I wanted to get in touch to make sure to update you on our latest campaigns.We’re fighting
cruelty on many legal fronts, and making steady progress on many cases, in addition to filing new ones.
We filed a new lawsuit to expose the senseless slaughter of Bison in Yellowstone Park, immediatelyincreasing public awareness of the cull. Our case against a Florida monkey breeding facility is going to trial, and we’re looking forward to arguing the case in court. We issued a reward offer in connection with the death of a pit bull found taped up, wrapped in a carpet, and left on the side of the road in Northern California. And we’re continuing to fight the factory farming industry in our campaign against Ag-Gag laws. Your support makes these and our many other battles for justice for animals possible.
Our new case against Yellowstone Park is already making an impact. Our January 26 filing
generatedmultiple stories in the press and a groundswell of public outrage. We are representing Journalist Chris Ketcham and bison advocate Stephany Seay, and our legal argument is that because these individuals would be barred from entering the park to document the slaughter of these bison, their First Amendment rights are being violated. This case is a great example of how we must sometimes creatively leverage the rights of humans to gain a foothold for a legal argument that would expand the rights of animals. We suspect that access to the slaughter is denied to journalists and activists because if ordinary people found out about this cruel and unnecessary practice, they would not stand for it. Our hope is that through this lawsuit we can show taxpayers how their dollars are being spent to harm animals. Through exposing this wasteful spending, our aim is to ultimately stop the practice of regularly killing bison in the park.

Another area we could use your support is in helping us spread the word about the dangers of cold weather to pets and other animals. Every winter countless animals suffer and die as a result of being left outside in the cold. While progress is being made to update laws to protect animals from the cold, we know that many animals are still being left outside in the snow. Help us spread the word by sharing our cold weather resource with your social network, and learn more about what the law says about protecting animals from cold weather.
As always, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We truly couldn’t do this work without your support.
For the animals,

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