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Palm Beach County
Palm Beach County
LAW CHANGING TO STOP EUTHANASIA. I bet Amber will be in that podium and part of that channel very soon!!!
I would like for you look at Amber Nelson, 16years old and has given her young life to her mission of saving dogs, puppies, kitties, cats and to all animals from wildlife to our livestock.
I took the time to look at her values and her dedication, I see a mirror of myself, starting at 9years old, over 50yrs ago, saving newborn boxer puppies, feeding every 2hours, keeping them safe and always on time for school. (gosh no computers then) That was my start and always there to help every animal no what what the cost. It was very hard schooling back then and for me it seems it has taken longer than I thought to get out of the backwoods thinking.  Saving an animal is Amber's only thought and she embraces every single one with light, and kindness.  My motto she is an"Angel of Kindness" and yes wondrous gifts will abound her.

She has the ability has her 501c3 grows to develop new concepts, networking practices and most of all as she enters her adult years to continue to work with other 501c3 as
 Animal, NY, PETA, Animal League Defense Fund, Maddies Fund Inc, Humane Society International. org. and so many others, they are there to help with funds, use their knowledge and abilities to retrieve your grants from these unique corporations, on adoptions, building a Shelter, mobile units and education and they willingly share their knowledge. These corporations are STRIVING with ALL 501c3's to create and make every Shelter in the nation "NO KILL".  NETWORKING IS THE KEY ingredient, mobile units to travel anywhere and every where, free or very low cost spay/neuter programs, vaccinations and education for everyone.
I know through tenacity and commitment to your passions of life your DREAMS will be reached before your eyes.  Sometimes, without you knowing it!!  Then WOW, I did that????  I know we did it in Hawaii, in my later years, developing free spay/neuter programs, vaccinations and transport.
Use the tools there are for every 501c3, all of you are striving for the same goals, just taking different roads!!!  If I have one thing to say to Amber Nelson and her road "Amber's Animal"  "DO IT YOUR WAY" pick your Board of Directors wisely they are there to guide and help development, but it is YOU that will make final decisions.

Mirta's Rescues
Mirta's Rescues
My next wonderful woman Mirta Maltes, of Homestead, Florida. She has waited a long time for her 501c3 and I say,  YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR EVERY DOG, PUPPIE, CAT OR KITTY. ABANDONMENT plaquqes Homestead and the Redlands of Florida.  Being in Miami-Dade, they have the one of the largest "Kill" shelters and euthanasia is a common everyday occurrence. 

Her Mission:  "To rescue to safety the many abandoned, neglected, starving and abused dogs in the rural and low income areas of Homestead, Florida City and the Redlands,FL. Furthermore, to raise both local and national awareness of dog overpopulation and bring resources for spay/neuter to these remote and economically challenged areas." 

Like Hawaii, this is a very stressful area and more feral cats, dogs, puppies abandon, neglected and abused. This is also an area for DOG FIGHTING.  She has worked tirelessly everyday, by herself to save as many dogs as she could.  She had turned her own backyard into a SHELTER.!!!  Now as a 501c3 she has the ability to use the channels noted above, from Northshore Animal, PETA, Maddies Fund to retrieve grants for veterinarian care, adoptions, mobile units for transport, and so much more (dvd's available)  There are so many corporations willing to work with 501c3 donating funds every year, working and partnering with businesses is very important, as they will help donate a certain percentages of their business to "No Kill" Shelters.       JUST KNOCK ON THEIR DOOR!!!

Mirta, posted a note on her FB page Chain of Love Abandon Dogs Everglades, Homestead Florida.  She has over 6000 likes on FB followers you might say, and if everyone of those just gave $1.00 or 2.00 there would always be money floating to help her save all the dogs she rescues. How true eh!!  


Please visit their websites view their pets for adoption.  If you wish to donate to any one of these  EXCEPTIONAL 501C3 here are their websites and they do take PayPal!!!   

Amber Nelson:  Amber's Animal Outreach
Mirata Maltes: Chain of Love

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary,ordinary LIFE and,


A Hui Ho (until we meet again)

 : olivia
 : kona
We cannot measure our goodness on what we don't do or what we resist.
 We can only measure our goodness on   what we embrace and what we   create.          
 Follow your dreams they are your   passion
 Never lose you childhood enthusiasm   it is what drives  you
 Live spherically in many directions it   is what excites you

 Be an Angel of Kindness and wondrous  gifts will abound you. 

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