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The myths of Poseidon say he was the protector of all waters, also known as the God Of The Sea. He was the son of Cronus and Rhea. Greek mythology knows him as the second most powerful God on Olympus. 

I think we need to call on him!!!!!!!!!

I have attached a petition from the Sierra Club, through "Overfishing is killing our oceans".. Link at bottom of page... Mahalo

The impact of overfishing is very easy to predict the most obvious impact of overfishing — no more fish for humans and as well for other fish to sustain their life. This is only a few decades from now, if we do not act quickly and decisively. There is far more to this than lack of fish at stake here, our Ecosystems complete destruction according to marine ecologists, unsustainable fishing is the greatest threat to ocean ecosystems. 

This practice of overfishing, through nets, destroys the physical environments of marine life, and distorts the entire food chain in the oceans. The Biodiversity of Marine Life is amazing and balanced with millions of fish species and other marine animals. Today fish are siezed and saught after and fisheries are fishing for particular species like the Blue-Fin tuna (which is very good tasting meat), soon that fish will be extinct. This is why laws must be put in place to allow fishes to re-populate their species.

 " A new study conducted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) found that 5 out of the 8 tuna species are at risk of extinction. All three species of bluefin tuna, for example, are threatened with extinction and are at a population that makes their recovery practically irreversible."
 : Blue Fin
Blue Fin

Hawaii has been over-fishing for years, and many of our Atlantic seaboard states through to the Northwest, Canada, Asia and Australia. Many large fisheries stay for weeks and months in deep seas and sometime loose their nets. This is called Ghost Fishing and these nets continue to trap and catch fish under the water and end up killing them. These discarded nets stay there for many decades and the destruction they cause is fairly significant, including the killing of our whales, dolphins and seals. We are losing our precious ecosystems both on land and in our seas. 

 These laws must not be revoked.  We are the VOICE for the VOICELESS.  BOTH ANIMALS AND MARINE,.. WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!!!! IF WE DO NOT SHARE AND SIGN THESE PETITIONS, SO MUCH MORE WILL BE LOST FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS.  I guess it is a sure bet... Humans are the most dangerous species..  we need to look into our hearts and souls to see what we are doing to our EARTH, to our complete ECOSYSTEMS, both in our fisheries, land management for our horses, and especially for our wolves, bears, bees and all animals big and small...many of our species are near extinction, I guess a cull has started on who lives, who dies......... We can stop it, 

Be the Angel of Kindness we all were meant to be!!!!!!! 

Many people have no idea of over fishing. This means we all have a responsibility to educate others of this issue. Learning about it (like what you are doing now) is the greatest start to solving the problem. Make sure you share and tell others about it.
Join the organizations, to help solve he problems, Sierra Club, The Center for Biological Diversity, GreenPeace and many more...

Please sign the petition listed here take action, and have your voice heard!!

 : me
Remember, no life is greater than another... and no life was created without purpose.

We are all Angels of Kindness, so lets rock the BOAT.. 

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