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Breaking..... Funding for Horse Slaughter Sites and Inspections.. It is on the agenda for 2017, and I did have a meeting with ASPCA Washington D.C. HORSE SLAUGHTER AGAIN FOR 2017....  WE STILL HAVE TIME TO STOP THE RE-OPENING OF HORSE SLAUGHTER PLANTS THROUGHOUT EVERY STATE IN THE UNION.  Horse slaughter is the most inherently inhumane action against a horse. Horses' instinctual flight response makes them ill suited for stunning. They will endure repeated blows to head and body and can remain conscious during dismemberment. The US Department of Agriculture documented rampant cruelty and barbaric action violations when horse slaughterhouses were operating throughout the U.S. The USDA reports that over 92% of the horses sent to slaughter are healthy animals that can lead a full life in loving homes. Horsemeat is unsafe for human consumption, do to the fact that they are not raised for food in this country. More than 80% of American voters do oppose the slaughter of these peaceful and productive animals and definitely not for human consumptions.  We need to fight this bill for funding every year until the SAFE ACT is put in place to prohibit all slaughter of horses in the United States and their export to other countries for the purpose of SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!  PLEASE SHARE, CALL OR FACEBOOK YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE...  ARE VOICES CAN BE HEARD THROUGHOUT THE NATION.... LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MAHALO

In just a matter of a month the House of Representatives will be voting on a measure to allow horse slaughter plants to re-open in this country. JUST in time for this vote, a compelling new study was released. 

See Below.. Please do this for HORSES!!   

Please take quick and immediate action to save our horses from the inhumane slaughter.  As I mentioned before in my previous blog, it is the most inhumane killings one has ever seen.  I know, and saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  If you love animals, as I do, and horses are very close to me, your heart will be torn out. (IT IS SAVAGE) please visit this to save our horses...

 Please if you are reading this Blog I would assume you fingers are not broken and you are able to use your phone or computer.  So please take the time to comment on your federal representative’s Facebook page or twitter account ( You can find their social media info by using this link and typing in your address: .) 

Let them know that Edge Research study is showing that there are over 2.3 million homes available to take in and care for horses in need. With approximately 125,000 horses going to slaughter in 2016, and maybe more for 2017, these numbers indicate that there are more than enough homes for horses who are being sent to slaughter. Please consider this information and support the Farr-Dent Amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill!

I have personally contacted my State Representative, sent letters to every office, fax them, or mail them.  If we collectively reach out through Face Book, we can leave this unjust travesty behind us, 
Please consider this information and support the Farr-Dent Amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill!


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