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OUR ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT... can become EXTINCT if our Government has the last say!!!

Yes it can,here are just a few reasons why, we as advocates for all Wildlife,and Marine life, need to ensure that the Endangered Species Act will stay intact for years to come and for all future generations.

Recently our Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held a hearing to discuss “modernizing” the Endangered Species Act. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), the committee chair, has long made it a priority to weaken this landmark conservation law which was put into effect in 1973.
Endangered Species Act of 1973, which was signed by Nixon on December 28, 1973(Pub.L. 93–205).

We need to tell Congress that we as Americans, do not want them to tamper with the Endangered Species Act. 90% of American Voters support the Endangered Species Act and because we say so, we need to now voice our concerns as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee discuss plans to gut the conservation law put into effect so many years ago.  71% of Americans believe that our government should protect all wildlife and marine species from becoming extinct. 

Gutting our Endangered Species Act will also gut our Ecosystems that are so important in keeping our Earth in the right balance for everyone. 

Take the rise of Lyme disease, which is a growing epidemic in the Northeast and upper Midwest, caused by a pervasive bacteria transmitted to humans through tick bites. Because ticks get this disease from the rodents they feed on, many wildlife biologists have linked the rise of Lyme disease to the loss of large predators that would normally eat rodents. Lyme-infected rodents proliferate in the same disturbed environments where endangered gray wolves and cougars once roamed, but these native carnivores are now largely absent from the food chain.(ref.. Earth Justice) 

Why you may ask, because our government services of Fish and Wildlife go ROGUE in their mass killing of Wolves, Cougars, and all predator animals. They are starting their own Culling of what species will live or die for the betterment of the ranchers and the trophy hunters. 

Many biologists suggest that Earth is currently in the throes of a sixth mass extinction—a wave of biodiversity loss largely fueled by human activity. By some estimates, close to 17,000 species are endangered. (ref. Earth Justice)

The Endangered Species Act has proven an effective tool to stem the tide.
After more than four decades after this legal safety net was created, evidence of its impact is clear: 99 percent of listed species have not perished. Stand with the Endangered Species Act and call or write your Representatives, you can also FB them and let them know that the issue of Gutting this Precious Act to SAVE OUR WILDLIFE, MARINE AND MORE is a very important issue in our HEARTS and will be for decades to come...

We are a powerful voice and we can stop the Senate Committee from GUTTING the ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT.... for myself, I will be with meeting with Marco Rubio, as I did with meeting with Representative Rooney to stop HORSE SLAUGHTER and he listened...  I will voice my opinion, will you?????? 

Just click on the links below given to you through the 
Endangered Species Coalition.. listen to your heart and stand up for what is right!!



In the midst of the planet’s 6th mass extinction event, Congress is gearing up for brutal attacks on our country’s most successful law in saving species from extinction, the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Act is responsible for saving some of our most iconic species. The humpback whale, and the national symbol of our country, the bald eagle are just two species that are here today thanks to the Act.  Why then is the Senate planning a ESA re-authorization bill, allowing them to take a red pen to the Endangered Species Act as a whole?  In a time where environmental regulations are inconvenient for big business and rollbacks on environmental protections are happening each day, we know that opening up the Act to revision will mean for species at risk of extinction.  

There is something one can do to make a difference.  Tap into the fight to save all endangered species.  Can you imagine your children never having the opportunity to see a bald eagle swoop across the sun, or feel their hair stand on end listening to a pack of wolves howling? Extinct is forever, don’t let it happen on our watch.  


This is your chance to help keep the Endangered Species Act intact. Throughout the year, there will be an organizing of resistance efforts to show Congress that slashing protections for endangered species is UNACCEPTABLE and the American people will not stand for it.  WE ARE THEIR VOICE... AND WE WILL BE HEARD!!
This is a defining moment in the fight to protect wildlife and save the Endangered Species Act and no one can afford to sit this one out.  Please take the first step in the Stop Extinction now. Ask for a meeting with your senators or their staff or message them on FB

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