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I have enclosed for everyone the new updates from the Animal League Defense Fund, ALDF from Stephen Wells. Newsletter.. Please take the time to watch the videos, this was an undercover investigation into another Puppy Mill..

Remember...   One life is not more important than another.. and no                                       life is  without purpose..

                                      Live your LIFE everyday with JOY and KINDNESS                                            in  your heart, to everyone and every living                                                          creature..
                                      As we are all part of a great pattern,
                                      we may someday understand, and one day when we                                         have done, what we alone are capable of doing,
                                      we will rise forever embraced by the Kindness we

                                       Follow your dreams they are your destiny..
                                       Be an Angel of Kindness and wondrous gifts will
                                       abound you..     T

                        Enjoy your reading...

 : Puppy Mill
Puppy Mill
 : Lemurs and Tigers
Lemurs and Tigers
 : Free Lucky
Free Lucky
We just released the results of an undercover investigation, and we wanted our supporters to be the first to know. Our investigation focused on a dog breeder based out of New Mexico and the horrific conditions that the dogs live in. We could tell you more, but we think the footage from the investigation speaks for itself. Please take a few minutes to watch our video, and share it with friends and family on social media, or forward this email to people you know. Documenting and exposing the horrific conditions these dogs suffer is the first step toward getting justice for those kept in this cruel facility.

Earlier this month we scored a major legal victory that will free the tigers and lemurs held captive in ramshackle enclosures at the Cricket Hollow Zoo in Iowa. We’re overjoyed that our groundbreaking Endangered Species Act (ESA) lawsuit will result in freedom for some of the animals in this horrible facility. We’re currently negotiating with opposing counsel to place four tigers and three lemurs at accredited sanctuaries. If placement can’t be negotiated, we are prepared to file paperwork with the court to force the zoo owners to send their animals to sanctuaries

.Regarding the other animals, ALDF has filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Agriculture for unlawfully rubber stamping Cricket Hollow Zoo’s license to operate each year despite a deplorable record of non-compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. That case is still in litigation. If we win, the zoo will have to close its doors
We started celebrating National Justice for Animals Week on February 21. Our supporters took action on a number of important issues with the goal of raising awareness about animal abuse, how to report it, and how to work within your community to create stronger laws to protect animals. Visit our action page tomeet Baxter, the National Justice for Animals Week mascot, to see our Top 10 Animal Defenders for 2016, and to take action to stop cruelty today!
We’re also pleased to announce that our lawsuit against the San Diego Zoo to free an elephant named Lucky will move forward. We know that a large number of our supporters have been following Lucky’s plight for a long time, and we’re happy to report that after studying the legal issues we presented, a judge ruled that our lawsuit had properly filed suit under the ESA -- a procedural but important step toward winning the case. The suit alleges that she is being “harmed” and “harassed” in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act because the Zoo confines Lucky alone, without another Asian elephant companion, in an enclosure too small to meet her needs, with little to no shelter from the sun, and on a hard, species-inappropriate substrate. 

Learn more about the case on our website.Do you follow the Animal Legal Defense Fund on social media? Get up to the minute updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter. And get a behind the scenes look at our operations by following us on Instagram. Thanks for continuing to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s work on these and other cases.For the animals,Stephen E. Wells
Executive Director

 : Stephen Wells
Stephen Wells

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