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News from Soi Dog Foundation.. I am a member of Soi Dog Foundation and I have attached their Newsletter for a great read. Many of you may not be members and may not receive their updates and letters. Soi Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Margot Homburg Park, she called it Soi Dog, (meaning street dogs) since Thailand is overrun with homeless pets. The region being mostly Buddhist does not believe in euthanasia, so let them be homeless and whatever happens happens. In 2004 John and Gill Dalley retirees from England joined her and became the co-founders of Soi Dog Foundation. They are a legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France, Canada and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia, works to end the dog meat trade throughout the region, and responds to animal welfare disasters and emergencies. They continuously are setting the standards for the Asian region on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering, and to better the lives and living conditions of the stray dogs and feral cats of Asia and throughout the world. They have reached more than 150,000 dogs and cats in their spay and neutering programs. Along with other organizations, like Avaaz, Humane Society International, ASPCA, Soi Dog Foundation is helping all animals throughout Asia and are extremely positive in ending the barbaric slaughtering of our canines and felines throughout Asia. Gill Dalley became the first non-Asian woman to win Asian of the Year Award. Sadly just recently Gill lost her battle with cancer, but her legacy will live on in Soi Dog Foundation, she was an amazing women. Soi Dog has a common goal as we do, to educate and stop such inhumane abuse, and neglect to all animals of the world. I hope you enjoy reading their newsletter as I did, miracles do happen everyday and Soi Dog Foundation plays a big part in those miracles.. Mahalo and Please share.. AND SIGN THE PETITION!!

Soi Dog Foundation

The first half of 2017 has certainly proved busier than ever, but I wanted to take some time out to update you on the latest good news stories. It is heart-warming to see so much good being accomplished thanks to people like you.

I'd like to share with you just some of the uplifting stories that you have made possible.Meet the survivor of a vicious acid attack

First up, I want to introduce you to Nuwan. Her story is simply remarkable and illustrates so well how your support is changing the world for suffering homeless animals. Nuwan was a gentle beach dog who was the victim of a shockings vicious attack of cruelty when she had acid thrown over her. Sadly, as often happens, thsi was carried out when there were no witnesses and we have no way of knowing who hurt this beautiful girl. She was found by a kind woman who alerted us to her plight.Nuwan when foundNow on the road to recoveryNuwan was left with a horrendous wound on the right-hand side of her body and infection was rapidly setting in. This poor defenceless dog needed urgent medical treatment and, as ever, it is thanks to you that she got it. Support from compassionate animal lovers who were horrified by her story means she is now well on the road to recovery and will soon be ready for a home of her own.

Suffering homeless animals like Nuwan can only be helped with ongoing support from you. If you are not already doing so, please consider 
small monthly gift so that many more can be saved. Bringing awareness to the dog meat trade in South KoreaThanks to you, we have been funding a public awareness initiative in the Bucheon district of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Several public buses have been fitted with signs bringing public attention to the plight of dogs who fall victim to this horrendous trade in animal cruelty. A large billboard has also been erected and, subject to funding, we hope to see even more awareness brought to the plight of these dogs.We hope to see Bucheon become the first dog meat free city in South Korea. Soi Dog Foundation has also donated equipment to the city’s new dog park as part of the campaign efforts.

I would be very grateful if you would 
sign this important petition urging the South Korean government to bring an end to the dog meat trade.Can you help Mikijung, a cat who has never had a home?Little Mikijung was just weeks old when she was found at the side of the road with no mother in sight. She was incredibly weak severe danger of her life ending before it had even begun. The compassionate person who found her brought her to our shelter, where Mikijung still finds herself – nine months later.Mikijung on arrival at our shelterToday, still waiting for a homeSadly, our cat hospital is now over capacity and to continue rescuing cats in need, homes are desperately needed for those still with us.

Maybe you’re the special one who sees Mikijung's need for a loving home of her own? Can you open your heart to Mikijung and introduce her to the joys of life beyond a shelter? Please email for more information.A new partnership in CambodiaI’m very pleased to let you know that Soi Dog Foundation is partnering with Animal Rescue Cambodia (ARC), based in the Cambodia capital Phnom Penh.
Our partnership will focus on helping ARC increase their spay/neuter and animal welfare initiatives so that increasing numbers of homeless animals can be helped.Soi Dog Foundation will provide training in high-volume spay/neuter procedures and shelter medicine. In addition, we will advise on facility design and how to respond to infectious disease outbreaks, if needed. The launch of the Pagoda Ambassador programme will promote animal welfare and the care of animals dumped at pagodas (temples) through spaying and neutering, feeding, and medical care, involving training for the monks and others in the local community.Thanks to your support, we will equip ARC with a rescue vehicle to train community caregivers at pagodas on how to properly care for the animals. ARC will also set up an in-house veterinary clinic to perform spay/neuter procedures.Be inspired by Amazing Alma!I was recently told about a wonderful supporter in the UK named Alma. Alma decided to do a sponsored parachute jump to raise funds for Soi Dog Foundation.

 We have many wonderful supporters around the world who carry out all sort of activities to raise funds and we are immensely grateful to them. Alma's achievement was extra impressive however, as her parachute jump coincided with her 80th birthday! If an 80 year old woman can jump out of a plane to help suffering homeless animals, we hope it will inspire many more to consider what they too can do. Thank you Alma for such admirable support! If Alma has inspired you and you would like to organise your own Soi Dog fundraiser, please email siti@soidog.orgfor more information.Another happy ever after for a deserving animalFinally, I am so pleased to share with you a little update on a boy named Blazar. Blazar arrived at our shelter after being found wandering the streets as a very young pup with no mother or human to care for him.

He would have never survived without your support, which meant we could keep him safeat our shelter. Blazar spent a year with us, before being adopted to a wonderful home in Holland, where he is now known as Puk. As you can see, he is simply thriving in his new home! Scared and vulnerable on arrivalHappy and healthy at homePlease help save more vulnerable animals like Blazar and help us to continue our spay/neuter efforts to prevent more pups and kittens being born into short lives of misery on the streets. Click here to become a member of our Emergency Response Team now. As ever, it’s been a busy few months and shows no sign of quietening down. I hope you have enjoyed this update on some of the many achievements made possible by your ongoing support.

Thank you for the happiness you bring to suffering animals

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation

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