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Can our dogs and cats have Alzheimer's? 

 : Olivia here
Olivia here
As our loved ones age, it’s natural for us to wonder about their mental health. Are they going to suffer from dementia – or will they in the future? Many of us have and have we considered our older pets? We take them to the vet for hip dysplasia, colds, allergies, but have we spoke to our veterinarian about their mental health.  Studies show our pets are more like us than we’ve realize – in both their emotional and cognitive functioning.

Recently researching Alzheimer's in dogs and cats I came across an article from the  New York Times illuminating what many pet owners have long suspected: Our canine and feline friends are far more than warm and welcoming family members. In fact, they may be more like young children than pets.

Advances in modern veterinary medicine, our domestic dogs and cats often live long enough to develop dementia,or cognitive dysfunction. Our pets are in a safe and caring environment and if anything did seem out of the ordinary they have vet care. However,there has been little data collected on older animals in the wild, and if they were to develop dementia-like symptoms,they likely wouldn’t survive very long. "Survival of the Fittest" they would be in danger from other predators.

Lets talk about our CAT'S

How do you know if your older cat behaving erratically? Do they wail at times in the early hours of the morning, begging for attention, or perhaps they seem confused? 
Do they sleep more than they used to – or, conversely, are they up at all hours of the night?

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh now believe half of all cats over the age of 15 and a quarter aged 11 to 14, are suffering from “geriatric onset behavioral problems.” The same team was also the first to discover cats could                                           suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.
Their research involved scans which showed changes to the neural system of confused elderly felines were similar to those seen among humans with the condition. They identified the same beta-amyloid protein present. Wow!!


How do you identify dog dementia? Does your older dog sleep more during the day and less at night? Does they pace or wander aimlessly at at times have trouble finding the door. Do they get ‘stuck’ in familiar places like behind furniture or in corner? 

Jennifer Bolser, chief clinician at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Colorado, said "veterinarians are seeing more cases of cognitive dysfunction syndrome, commonly called canine                                      cognitive dysfunction "(CCD).

An ongoing study performed at the University of California-Berkeley has shown that 62% of dogs between ages 11 and 16 demonstrate one or more signs of CCD, and the percentage goes up as dogs get older.

Remember speak to your veterinarian about any symptoms you notice or if your kitty or dog is acting differently. 

Per Jennifer Bolser... 
“Usually it’s a diagnosis by exclusion,“If everything else is checking out normally,” it  probably is cognitive dysfunction.

Just like us,we must keep our brains active,likewise for our dogs and cats. Exercise, long walks, new activities and for cats, new toys, engage with your kitty it really works, Another very important is diet change and there are prescription diets and other pet foods with antioxidants, fatty acids, and 
L-Carnitine. Gosh same diet for humans!  There are prescription medications, just like for humans, but please talk to your veterinarian and know your options.

I have included some reading on the natural care for our dogs and cats.
I have also included Medications for dogs and cats.


No life is more important than another,
and nothing we do is without purpose.

We can only measure our goodness on what we embrace and what we create.  

Believe that we are all part of the Angelic Dance of Life, that someday we will understand.

Dream your dreams they are your passions to fulfill your destiny.

Be a child in your heart, this is what will drive you during your lifetime.  

Be the Angel of Kindness we were all meant to be  and wondrous gifts will abound us,in all we do!

And one day when we alone are capable, we will rise and forever embraced by the 
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