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This particular inflammation can effect both cats and dogs.  The Pancreas does produce and control insulin levels.  The pancreas also contains small "islands" of hormone-producing cells called the islets of Langerhans, which secrete insulin and glucagon, along with somatostatin - hormones that primarily regulate blood sugar metabolism.

While it’s not always easy to pinpoint the cause, Pancreatitis in both cats and dogs can be triggered by certain infections or diseases, metabolic disorders, medications and abdominal surgery or trauma. In cats, Pancreatitis is often associated with inflammatory liver or intestinal disease, also known as Triaditis. In dogs, acute Pancreatitis can be caused by dietary indiscretions. Obese and overweight pets, and those fed diets high in fat, are also at risk.

 : diabetic
 : diabetic
Some of the symptoms, can include dehydration, decreased appetite and vomiting. Dogs more commonly develop vomiting and abdominal pain, but both dogs and cats can also develop jaundice.

Chronic Pancreatitis can also denote sugar problems and definitely lead to diabetes. If your note your pets behavior changes, becomes lethargic, decrease in appetite, please visit your veterinarian and receive a proper diagnosis.  Pancreatitis is treatable with good nutrition, low fat, grain free foods.  Also, some holistic veterinarians will add some herbs such as tumeric and ginger.  

 : great book
great book
 : another for healing tips
another for healing tips

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