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Canine Influenza Fast-Spreading Virus

 : Olivia here,
Olivia here,
Many veterinarians are warning pet owners of a deadly outbreak of canine influenza in recent weeks, affecting more than 1,300 dogs across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin. There have been six fatalities that have been  documented. With as many as 15 cases of influenza being treated daily was reported by one veterinarian, the outbreak is nearing "epidemic" proportions" Quote!
 Dr. Jerry Klein, practicing veterinary medicine for more than 35years and supervising veterinarian at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency Center.  "It's probably the worst type of outbreak I've ever experienced."

Experts explained this week that this strain of dog flu, H3N2, is one never before seen in North America, and veterinarians say the canine influenza vaccine has proven to be ineffective. Canine influenza, commonly known as strain H3N8, is a respiratory infection caused by a highly contagious virus that can lead to pneumonia. The virus easily spreads from one dog to another via air and/or contact with infected objects.

This particular strain of Canine influenza has been traced as a mutation from the virus causing equine influenza in horses. The initial infection began in Florida on a greyhound racetrack in 2004 (though some researchers suspect even earlier cases). It rapidly traveled through other dog race tracks, animal shelters, and veterinary facilities, reaching dogs throughout much of the United States before it was even truly recognized.

 This particular influenza is such a new infectious agent, many dogs have no natural immunity against this virus. Therefore, the majority of dogs exposed will become actively infected. (note people cannot get this influenza from there pets). Although, your dog can pass it to your feline pet, which many of you know this is deadly to your feline.  

Kona here,
Kona here,
I know about illiness!!!
Dogs infected with canine influenza will develop varying degrees of coughing, nasal discharge, fever, and decline in attitude and appetite. These signs can imitate Bordetella often referred to as “kennel cough.” Many dogs will have minor symptoms and recover within a week, as others can develop into pneumonia.

Remember this type of Canine Influenza is a virus, there are no antibiotics for virus, some at times your vet will prescribe them to detour any other illnesses that may occur.

Canine Influenza
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Preventing canine influenza or any other “kennel cough” relies on the same principles as humans trying to avoid the common cold. Unfortunately, like humans, with the common cold, infected dogs can be contagious to others even several days before showing signs themselves.  Clean pet areas with disinfecting compounds and/or bleach/water combinations.  These will kill 99% of virus and bacteria. 

The most preventive is to keep your dog away from other dogs exhibiting obvious signs of a respiratory illness — coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge. Always wash your hands and, if you suspect infection, perhaps even change your clothes after you have handled another dog. Do not let your dog or cat contact any items that may have been exposed to an infected dog. Common sense, and maybe for awhile, keep your dogs away from other dogs while walking, maybe detour to the dog park, and take trails with your dog and definitely keep your vaccinations up to date!  This is basic INFECTION CONTROL

Always consult with your veterinarian if your pet dog or feline show any symptoms of this influenza.

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary, ordinary LIFE and,

Know that you have done your utmost everyday to "Protect and SAVE"

A Hui Ho, (until we meet again)

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Olivia and Kona
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