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Health Tips /Skin Conditions/Demodectic Manage or Red Mange

 : Hi Olivia here
Hi Olivia here
Skin conditions caused by allergies, low immune systems and stress.

Demodicosis,also called demodectic mange or red mange, is caused by a sensitivity to and overpopulation of Demodex canis as the animal's immune system is unable to keep the mites under control.

Demodex presents as patches of missing fur on the head, legs, and trunk and sometimes the skin will appear red and be itchy. There are several treatment options, depending on which vet  ranging from topical ointments to very toxic dips. My experience the best treatment and more so preventative is a combination of quality food,alternative treatments, supplements.                                                                                     

In most cases the best diet for dogs is high protein, grain-free kibble and can food.  This applies even more for dogs with Demodex. Demodectic mites live on systemic yeast, which lives on yeast and sugars (carbs). Eliminating carbs from your dog’s diet, mites have nothing to feed off of and will die. The most quality foods grain free are Taste of the Wild, found at feed stores, Pet Supermarket, and other pet stores.  Nature’s Domain, found at Costco and Wild Calling found also at pet stores. These foods offer a quality high protein, grain-free, kibble and canned food that can be mixed.  



Ivermectin which can be give orally through a syringe or by injection under the skin. The dosage for a 10 pound dog is to start with 1/10 cc every day for a week, then increase the dose to 2/10 cc for a week, then 3/10 cc the third week. For those unable to get it from their veterinarian, Ivermectin is available in feed stores. 

Diatomaceous Earth holistic, kills all mites (mange) and can be given in food to kill worms. Also available  at the feed store. Put the powder in an old sock and powder puff your animal all over. Also do their bedding. Almost instant relief. It dehydrates and kills fleas too. Safe and really cheap. This procedure has been widely used on livestock and agriculture farms.

Selsun Blue Shampoo/Sulfur: Selsun Blue shampoo every other day. Supplements of Zinc and Lysine help with immune system.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar/Hydrogen Peroxide: 2:1 mixture in a spray bottle everyday will help with itching, infection and therefore stop the spread of the mites.  Hydrogen Peroxide also used in a spray will kill the bacteria and infection.  I have used this remedy for my rescue dogs alternating them with good success, along with a high protein diet grain free my choice: 
Taste of the Wild. (Bison, Boar and/or Salmon)

Remember, mites feed on the yeast living in the body, If you break the cycle, you weaken or starve the systemic yeast and the mites are not able to colonize in the pores. This is the reason for a no grain diet (NO WHEAT, OATS, CORN, BARLEY, MILLET OR YEAST OF ANY KIND which includes brewers or nutritional yeast) with only meat, bones and organs 

It has been told to me by equine veterinarians, that usually the body will develop an immunity to the mites,by age 3-5.  I have noted that to be some what true, since both my Great Danes and my Wolf hybrid have been plagued with this skin condition.  They are now mite free, through holistic treatment and an excellent diet of high quality foods, high protein, grain free (bison, boar, venison and most of all Salmon which is high in Omega 3 oils. Keeping the skin and coats in excellent condition.

Some good antioxidant sources are: 
Omega 3s found in Fish Oil ( Wild Salmon Oil)  

If in doubt always consult with your veterinarian with regards to holistic treatment!

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary, ordinary LIFE and,

Know that you have done your utmost everyday to "Protect and SAVE

A Hui Ho (until we meet again)

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 : olivia
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