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 Humane Society International is there again to to save precious cargo. The news regarding the Yulin Festival in China slaughtering dogs helped them generate an international outcry against the brutal Yulin dog meat festival, shining a spotlight on the terrible cruelty of the dog meat trade. During the festival photos were posted of the inhumane suffering of the dogs and cats being boiled alive. Those photos have distressed animal lovers around the world, but it’s inspiring to know that they also provoked discussion and protest within China, where a growing animal welfare movement, supported by Humane Society International, is beginning to have a real impact.

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In the weeks to follow, activists supported by the Humane Society International funded China Animal Protection Power command center coordinated the interception of six dog meat traders’ trucks, rescuing over 1,400 dogs. This is the third time Humane Society International risked everything to protect and save this precious cargo.. 

Through funding and private donations, just like many of our 50lc3 No Kill Shelters promotes funds for hands-on rescue, treatment and re-homing of dog meat trade survivors; implement sterilization and vaccination programs; microchip dogs; and convincing government officials to take a more humane approach to dealing with street dogs, including those implicated in the dog meat trade.

GOOD NEWS !!! One of the saved puppies has found his forever home. This little guy was rescued from the hands of a butcher at a Yulin, China slaughterhouse during an Humane Society International investigation of the this slaughter Festival in China.  He was brought back to the U.S. to serve as an ambassador for the victims and the survivors of the cruel dog meat trade.
He is safe, but so many other dogs are still suffering.  With this outcry and partners, HSI is leading the fight against this terrible industry. They single handlely fund the rescue and rehabilitation of slaughter-bound dogs, and encourage governments to uphold laws to punish these inhumane traders.



June 30, 2015.
In the month of June ASPCA was there assisting the Moulton Police Department in the removal of more than 250 animals from Lawrence County Animal Shelter in Alabama. At the scene, ASPCA responders discovered the animals—including dogs and cats of all breeds and ages—living in filthy, deplorable conditions.

Many of the animals were emaciated and suffering from medical issues such as parvo, distemper and untreated wounds. Small crates were used for housing, living in their own feces and urine. Many were in over crowded dog runs fighting for food and room.

July the amount was updated to over 300, they are all being cared for through the ASPCA and their medical team, and will slowly be up for adoption.
The Lawrence County Commission has terminated its contract with Lawrence County Animal Shelter following a complaint from a shelter volunteer citing animal abuse and mistreatment at the facility. ASPCA experts are collecting and analyzing forensic evidence and providing legal support to help strengthen the criminal case and ensure the best outcomes for the animals.

ASPCA has been on the ground working now for 140 years everyday investigating, removing and finding forever homes for being rescued.

                         THANK YOU ASPCA

These are such wonderful stories and the people behind them.
Thank you to all the RESCUE SHELTERS in all what they do everyday. Keep the NETWORKING open, so we may save thousands of lives every month. Save lives from "KILL SHELTERS" and designate them to "NO KILL" Shelters their safe haven.  
Never forget all the Organizations ASPCA NY, PETA, MADDIE's FUND, NORTHSHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE,(LONG ISLAND),and so many others. They are there to help ALL 501c3's, and "NO KILL" Shelters throughout the nation with grants and needed information. 
                          WE JUST NEED TO ASK!!!!!!!!  

A Hui Ho,

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Olivia and Kona
No life is more important than another,
and nothing we do is without purpose.

We can only measure our goodness on what we embrace and what we create.  

Believe that we are all part of the Angelic Dance of Life, that someday we will understand.

Dream your dreams they are your passions to fulfill your destiny.

Be a child in your heart, this is what will drive you during your lifetime.  

Be the Angel of Kindness we were all meant to be and wondrous gifts will abound us,in all we do!

And one day when we alone are capable, 
we will rise and forever embraced by the 
                                             Kindness we shared.  tia 

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