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 : Olivia here!
Olivia here!
Rescues are happening everyday, on every continent and in all countries.

Let me introduce to you, if you are not familiar with Humane Society International.   They are in Asia, from China to South Korea the Philippines, Europe, and the US.

HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL:  In 2014 I introduced Humane International saving more than 3,280 dogs bound for China's dog meat market. Asia has the largest market of farmers raising dogs for meat.  They live in despicable cages,sometimes 10 dogs, puppies and often fed carcasses of other animals. In July of 2014 3280 dogs/puppies were rescued when nine trucks hauling the animals were intercepted outside of Beijing. Many of the dogs had collars on, evidence that they were likely stolen pets.

 : I'm Kona
I'm Kona
Saving 3,280 dogs from slaughter for their meat, from puppies to adults, brought a direct message to Asian countries and their governments.  They will be there to intercept save and adopt.

Now in March of 2015, they saved another 57 dogs, puppies from this horrible death. I have included the description of what these puppies and dogs are subjected.
The barns are completely dark and very cold.  The cages do not look like they have been cleaned for years. The dogs were being fed on animal carcasses - often with the entire carcass being just tossed to them. They circle endlessly and the Teams noted as they walked down the aisles, they could see eyes peering out from the darkness and then the dogs would slowly approach the front of their cages.
This is the worst industry that not only plague Asia, but some South America countries and the Philippines. Humane Society International are definitely trying to stop.

 These 57 dogs are now safe, but millions more are still suffering, hungry and scared. They are now entering all farms and I know will keep this puppies and dogs safe.All the dogs and puppies that they save are usually brought back to the United States, where they will receive the care, attention and love they so desperately need. They arrived at the San Francisco SPCA, where they are receiving medical care, and are being touched and loved for the first time.  They will be adopted to their furever homes.

 : Safe from the Meat Industry!!!
Safe from the Meat Industry!!!
Humane Society International is working with many dog meat farmers to transition into more humane ways of making a living. This is the second time that a farmer has cooperated by agreeing to permanently shut down his dog meat farm and shift to crop-based farming.
Their goal is to help build a foundation of local and national support for ending the dog meat trade in Asia, China and South Korea.


Humane Society International were able to Ban dog fighting in Costa Rica and it is now a felony with imprisonment.

They were the first to stop all animal testing for cosmetics and
India was the first country to ban animal testing and then throughout Europe.

These are such wonderful stories and the people behind them.
Thank you to all the RESCUE SHELTERS in all what they do everyday. Keep the NETWORKING open, so we may save thousands of lives every month. Save lives from "KILL SHELTERS" and designate them to "NO KILL" Shelters their safe haven.  
Never forget all the Organizations ASPCA NY, PETA, MADDIE's FUND, NORTHSHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE,(LONG ISLAND),and so many others. They are there to help ALL 501c3's, and "NO KILL" Shelters throughout the nation with grants and needed information. 
            WE JUST NEED TO ASK!!!!!!!!  
    Humane Society International is always needing help and donations!

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary, ordinary LIFE and,

Know that you have done your utmost everyday to "Protect and SAVE"

 : T
We cannot measure our goodness on what we don't do or what we resist.
We can only measure our goodness on what we embrace and what we create.          
Follow your dreams they are your passion
Never lose you childhood enthusiasm it is what drives you

Live spherically in many directions it is what                                         excites you

                                        Be an Angel of Kindness and wondrous gifts                                         will abound you.

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