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Amazing Stories/and Rescues

Rescue comes in all forms everyday, from our puppies, dogs, kitties, cats. TODAY ASPCA, HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL AND MORE!!  AMAZING RESCUES!

The ASPCA did it's magic and joined forces with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. They joined forces in the District of South Carolina, (USASC) to rescue a dozen dogs from a dog fighting operation in Columbia, South Carolina. 

This particular investigation began as a drug trafficking case.  It did however take a tragic turn, when fighting dogs were discovered on the Gaston, SC property. Upon arriving at the scene, ASPCA responders found several adult dogs and puppies chained and anchored to car axles. Every dog and puppy were totally emaciated and dehydrated. they had nothing but trash barrels to protect them frain, cold or hot sun.  Many of the animals exhibited scars and injuries associated with dog fighting. 

This raid marks the second executed on the property in less than one month. On October 1, 35 dogs were removed from the same residence. The ASPCA has taken custody of all the victims and transported them to a temporary shelter for care. nearly 50 dogs in need of food, medical treatment and love. 
NEWS!! as of 2015 the FBI  will Start Tracking Animal Cruelty ..Now that animal cruelty, including animal neglect, is included in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, there is a real incentive for law enforcement agencies to pay closer attention to such incidents.

No longer will extremely violent cases be included in the “other offense” category simply because the victims were animals. Just as the FBI tracks hate crimes and other important categories, we will now have critical data on animal cruelty.NEWS LINK: new development, which has been on the radar of the animal protection movement for years, is a practical way of cracking down on cruelty. The decision is also significant in affirming, at the highest levels of our government, that animal cruelty is a vice just like so many other violent crimes. It is the latest tangible gain in our effort to make opposition to animal cruelty a universal value in our society.

ASPCA, ALDF, Northshore Animal League, Humane Society International, and many others will join forces with the FBI to protect the innocent animals that are severely abused, neglected and abandoned.  I would also hope that since the FBI is thoroughly involved stiff penalties, prison sentence and huge finds will be given to the these inhumane persons which cause havoc, and death to our best friends. (dogs, puppies, cats and kitties alike ALL OF OUR ANIMALS) 

 : Trucks stopped
Trucks stopped
 : Caged for disposal
Caged for disposal
 : saved
HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL:  Updated 2015: More than 3,280 dogs bound for China's dog meat market were rescued when nine trucks hauling the animals were intercepted outside of Beijing. Many of the dogs had collars on, evidence that they were likely stolen pets.

Continuing their work in saving animals under any conditions,in September they saved 18 Teacup Poodles from death!!!!!!!!!!

They were told of severe abuse and neglect in a home that was uninhabitable. The home was overcrowded and filthy, and yes it was almost totally uninhabitable. What the Animal Rescue Team found amid the squalor was shocking. 18 Teacup Poodles, showing signs of malnutrition and severe health problems. It was an illegal puppy mill; a breeding operation designed to churn out puppies for minimal cost and big profit.

 It was reported today, that the animals, including two pregnant dogs and one puppy just four weeks old — are receiving the complete Vet care they so desperately needed. Soon they will be up for adoption and will definitely have                                                 THEIR "ANUENUE" RAINBOW                                                                     
      These puppies and dogs are on their way to forever homes, but many more             are still suffering abuse in this vicious industry.

Through the generous support of the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation, every donation Humane Society International receives will be matched, up to $50,000, to help rescue more animals. HOW WONDERFUL!! YES THERE ARE ANGELS AMONG US AND MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humane Society International are working with government leaders and partner groups across ALL CONTINENTS to put an end to this horror and abuse.  

In 2015, already both PETA and Humane Society International have major accomplishments and through their efforts all animals will meet: 
ANGELS OF KINDNESS and have their  "RAINBOW (anuenue)" 
These are such wonderful stories and the people behind them.
Thank you to all the RESCUE SHELTERS in all what they do everyday. Keep the NETWORKING open, so we may save thousands of lives every month. Save lives from "KILL SHELTERS" and designate them to "NO KILL" Shelters their safe haven.  
Never forget all the Organizations ASPCA NY, PETA, MADDIE's FUND, NORTHSHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE,(LONG ISLAND),and so many others. They are there to help ALL 501c3's, and "NO KILL" Shelters throughout the nation with grants and needed information. 
                          WE JUST NEED TO ASK!!!!!!!!  

MANY THANKS TO AMBER NELSON (Amber's Animal Outreach 501c3) MIRTA MALTES (Chain of Love Abandon Animal Rescue Inc 501c3) BIG DOG RANCH RESCUE, XTREME RESCUE AND SO MANY OTHERS.  THESE ARE NETWORKERS AND 501c3 RESCUES WHO NETWORK Animal rights movementAnimal advocacy 

Pick up the phone, email and say HELP we need HELP TO SAVE A LIFE!!  

Live everyday with joy and kindness in your heart to everyone and every living creature. 

Live your every day LIFE, as it was your final day of your extraordinary, ordinary LIFE and,


A Hui Ho, (until we meet again)
We cannot measure our goodness on what we don't do or what we resist.
We can only measure our goodness on what we embrace and what we create.          
 Follow your dreams they are your passion
 Never lose you childhood enthusiasm it is  what drives  you
 Live spherically in many directions it is what  excites you

 Be an Angel of Kindness and wondrous  gifts  will abound you. 

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