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HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL............. Hundreds of dogs have just been rescued from the Yulin Festival in China.. This is a miraculous measure on the part of Humane Society International, and all the local activists in China working together to stop this BARBARIC ACTION AGAINST DOGS!!!!!!!! I have supported all the organizations, signed their petitions, blogged the petitions for signing and wrote many posts on this Barbaric Festival.. We can put an end to the Yulin Festival, all we need is for each and everyone to stand together, support them in all they do to rescue these dogs from their BARBARIC FATE!!!! Some people may believe this festival is a cultural activity, it is absolutely NOT!!! 

This horrific festival is an activity just recently started in 2010 and many organizations have been working tirelessly to educate the local activists, rescue and put an end to this festival. This is the most BARBARIC SLAUGHTER ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN...... and a NIGHTMARE one wishes to forget everyday of their life. We now have more than a 1million signatures and we need more...........PLEASE !!!!! Every single signature counts. Please share their petition to stop Yulin to have a greater impact. Visit their website to sign, we must stop this, as I have been writing and signing since 2010 and I will continue, as I know many of you will continue to sign and share to STOP THIS SLAUGHTER!!!!!!! Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone....Thank you so much for taking action to help end the dog meat festival in Yulin, China, 

 I'm pleased to share the news that hundreds of dogs were recently saved from the nightmare of this trade.

Just days ago, local activists—including members of HSI partner groups—saved hundreds of dogs' lives by reporting a truck taking them to slaughter to local law enforcement and assisting in their rescue. The truck driver has been fined and the dogs are now in the custody of local authorities while they undergo a mandatory quarantine period and inspection.      click to sign below.....

During this period, our local partners will continue to fight tirelessly to gain custody of these dogs—and we're optimistic that they'll succeed. For now, we're relieved to know they will all be spared the butcher's knife.

They cannot thank everyone enough for their support in helping them expose the cruelty behind Yulin.  Millions of others have already spoken out against it and it's making a difference. Without everyone's help, highway dog rescues like these might not be possible.   
 Andrew Rowan
 President and CEO\ Humane Society International


"We all are Angels of Kindness" fighting to save and rescue lives everyday

"Our journey continues in every corner of the world.... Tia

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